Taking Violent Criminals Off Our Streets

As a FBI Special Agent, Tony investigated and built successful cases against violent felons. As a County Court Judge, Tony presided over hundreds of cases of some of the toughest violent criminals in Westchester County. As District Attorney, Tony will focus resources on tough, coordinated and effective prosecutions of the criminals who pose the greatest threat to public safety in Westchester County.

Addressing the Heroin Epidemic

Westchester County has been hard hit by the nationwide heroin epidemic and Tony understands that this problem requires coordinated responses. As District Attorney, Tony will work with law enforcement partners to aggressively pursue the dealers bringing heroin into our neighborhoods. At the same time, Tony understands the role prescription drug abuse has played in this epidemic and will continue and build upon education and prevention efforts for students, parents, teachers and administrators in our schools. As District Attorney, Tony will also support treatment alternatives to incarceration for addicted non-violent offenders in order to protect our community and provide a second chance to lead a law-abiding life.

Preventing Crime Throughout the County

As District Attorney, Tony will continue critical partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to enhance public safety in Westchester County. One important way that he will facilitate cooperation among these agencies will be by continuing to support their efforts with the investigative resources of the Westchester Intelligence Center. Tony also recognizes the importance of crime prevention and will continue the strong presence of the Office of the District Attorney in our schools, where prosecutors not only educate our youth, but also serve as role models for students and build personal bridges to our communities.

Supporting Special Victims

In cases involving vulnerable victims, Tony recognizes the need for effective and coordinated investigations and prosecutions that protect victims and bring dangerous predators to justice. As District Attorney, Tony will continue and build upon the work of the Special Prosecutions Division in cases of domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. Working closely with partners in law enforcement and the medical and social service fields, Tony will focus on building strong cases, enhancing victim safety and engaging in public education and prevention efforts throughout Westchester County.

Battling Internet Crimes

Tony is committed to keeping Westchester's communities safe from internet crimes.

  • As District Attorney, Tony will take a tough approach to investigating and prosecuting those who prey on our children, building upon the work of the District Attorney’s Office in enforcement as well as public education for parents and children.
  • Tony has seen the impact of internet scams on our seniors and will combine aggressive enforcement against those who commit these frauds with public education to alert the public to the threat of identity theft and other internet scams.
  • For our young people, the internet has too often become a tool for cruel bullying and in some cases, criminal behavior. As District Attorney, Tony will continue to have prosecutors in Westchester's schools, working with students, teachers and parents to address online bullying.

Ensuring Successful Second Chances

As a judge, Tony has seen the value of offering those who have been convicted of a crime a chance to be restored to their families and communities as productive citizens. As District Attorney, he will continue the office’s commitment to reentry efforts that link these individuals to needed services such as job training, substance abuse and mental health treatment. Working with partners in the faith based community, Tony is committed to fighting crime and recidivism by offering support to those who seek a second chance to lead a law-abiding life.