A Painful Moment in History


This is a painful moment in our history. Men and women of color have been raising their voices about police brutality, misconduct and institutional racism for generations in America. For those of us privileged enough to never experience that pain directly, it is incumbent on us to listen, understand, and be allies. And for those of us in positions of influence like me, we must do what it takes to turn well-meaning talking points into meaningful points of action. 

Justice will never exist if laws are enforced differently depending upon the color of someone’s skin and law enforcement will never be effective if those practicing it do not have the trust of the communities they serve. We need to recognize that racism is real and systemic and that solving these structural problems requires collective commitment from all elements of society. This unequivocally includes the Office of the District Attorney as well as police, activists, community leaders, elected officials and so many others.  

It was both tragic and maddening to watch the video of George Floyd murdered at the hands of police and the anger it ignited is palpable and necessary, especially in view of events both recent and past. Please know that as your District Attorney, it is my solemn commitment to the people of Westchester to do all I can to end systemic racism in our county and state. 


Tony Scarpino

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