As District Attorney, Tony Scarpino is bold and progressive in the execution of justice.

Meet Tony Scarpino

An Unmatched Progressive Record as Our District Attorney

Democrat Anthony Scarpino is Westchester County’s 34th District Attorney. Elected to the office in 2016, Scarpino has been recognized as one of New York State’s most progressive prosecutors. Among his many accomplishments as District Attorney is a greater than 20% reduction in violent crime during his tenure, the creation of a Conviction Integrity Unit to ensure the integrity of our criminal justice system, an emphasis on alternatives to incarceration for minor offenses and a greater focus on serious crimes such as gun violence, sexual abuse and corruption.

District Attorney Scarpino has run the Office of the District Attorney with the guiding principle that public safety and progressive values are not mutually exclusive, but in fact, strengthen each other. He firmly believes, and has implemented in his policies, that true justice depends upon the tenets of fairness and equality.

As District Attorney, Scarpino has been bold and progressive in the execution of justice. His office does not request bail for most nonviolent misdemeanors so individuals are not forced to needlessly await trial behind bars because they can’t afford bail. As a result, hundreds of non-violent people charged with misdemeanors have been kept out of jail, improving community outcomes and reducing taxpayer expense. District Attorney Scarpino also stopped prosecuting the possession of small amounts of marijuana (up to two oz.), as these prosecutions have disproportionately impacted communities of color for generations, leaving countless people with life-altering criminal records.

District Attorney Scarpino knows that his office is on the front lines of many of the County’s most pressing social issues. That’s why he’s been proactive at trying to solve these issues outside of the courtroom. To combat the opioid crisis plaguing suburban communities like Westchester, District Attorney Scarpino created the Heroin and Opioid Task Force, and seeks treatment and alternatives to incarceration for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. He is also noted for establishing the School Safety Commission to better prepare educators and first responders for school-related emergencies and to keep our children safe. Even more, Scarpino has been a devoted and steadfast advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, crimes against children and elder abuse.

Westchester Born & Raised

Born and raised in Westchester into a family that instilled the importance of public service and education, Anthony Scarpino graduated from Mount Vernon High School. He subsequently earned his BA from the University of Connecticut and his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University School of Law. His public service career began after he graduated law school, when he returned home Westchester to serve as Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Mt. Vernon. Shortly thereafter, based upon his investigative skills, work ethic and knowledge of the law, Anthony was asked to join the FBI.

Serving Our Nation in the FBI

In the FBI, Anthony received a commendation for his role in the apprehension of a fugitive who was about to be placed on America’s Most Wanted List. Anthony’s FBI career was as successful as it was diverse, with senior roles in investigations regarding civil rights violations, public corruption, and foreign counterintelligence, where he worked to root out foreign spies operating on U.S. soil.

A Distinguished Career on the Bench

After a renowned career in the FBI, Anthony returned to public service in Westchester and was encouraged by community leaders to join the local bench. He was elected City Court Judge in Mount Vernon where he handled local community matters, and was soon thereafter elected to the Westchester County Court. As County Court Judge, Anthony expanded the drug court to clean out the backlog of cases. Due to his esteemed tenure as County Court Judge, Anthony was then elected to the New York State Supreme Court where he decided a complex and diverse array of legal cases, ranging from mental health to medical negligence to civil litigation.

Capping his career on the bench, Anthony was elected as Westchester’s Surrogate Court Judge where he handled cases that affect people on the most personal level, such as after the death of a loved one, or in matters of adoption. For his pro bono advocacy while serving as Surrogate Court Judge, Anthony was honored by the Westchester Women’s Bar Association and Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing legal services for low-income families.

An Educator Fostering the Next Generation of Public Servants

While serving as State Supreme Court Justice, Anthony wanted to give back even more to the community and foster the next generation of public servants. He began teaching criminal law, criminal procedure and evidence in several Westchester colleges and law schools, including Mercy, Iona and Pace.

A Dedicated Husband & Father

Committed to Westchester his entire life, Anthony raised his three daughters in North Castle, where he still lives with his wife, Leigh.