Westchester DA: Door always open for victims wary of reporting sensitive crimes

February 20, 2020

Westchester News 12

Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino wants the public to know his doors are always open, especially when they feel uncomfortable reporting a crime to their local police department.

The empowerment push comes after a woman accused a Peekskill police officer of sexually abusing her while he was on duty.

“We’re very concerned about the people who are the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Scarpino. “It’s important that they know that they have a voice here.”

After saying she was afraid to go to the police department with her story, the alleged victim went to the District Attorney’s Office. Soon after, Officer Michael Agovino was arrested. He pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse, stalking and burglary charges.

Agovino is accused of forcing the victim to strip and groping her several times while he was on duty.

Scarpino believes Agovino is the only Peekskill officer involved in the alleged crimes at this point in the investigation. However, he is urging any other potential victims to come forward.

Prosecutors are preparing their case for a grand jury. Officer Agovino is due back in Peekskill court on March 12. That date could change if an indictment is handed up.

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