Westchester DA Scarpino Urges Democratic Unity as Republican Bruce Bendish Enters Race

April 8, 2020 – The Tribune / Bronxville, Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, Westchester

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino has issued the following statement regarding Republican Bruce Bendish’s entrance into the race for District Attorney.

“Electing Bruce Bendish would roll back every progressive accomplishment my office has achieved since 2017, including standing up for the victims of sex crimes and domestic violence, ensuring treatment for individuals with substance abuse disorder, and prioritizing office resources on the most violent criminals in our community. The last thing Westchester needs in this unprecedented moment in history is a Trump Republican District Attorney,” said District Attorney Scarpino.

“Having defeated him before, I know I will defeat him again, but Democrats must come together to ensure that happens. Otherwise, we risk turning the Westchester DA’s office over to the party of Trump. As the Democratic Party endorsed candidate, I am asking all Democrats to unite and support my reelection so we can continue my progressive vision and keep Republicans out of the DA’s office,” the District Attorney added.

District Attorney Scarpino handily defeated Republican Bruce Bendish in 2016. The District Attorney has since gone on to serve as one of the most progressive DA’s in New York State. He was endorsed by the Westchester County Democratic Committee for reelection on January 29th and has been endorsed by some of the County’s most prominent Democratic leaders. DA Scarpino has been a Democrat for his entire career and has been elected 6 times to County-wide office.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, DA Scarpino last week pledged to refrain from negative campaigning for the duration of the Democratic primary if his Democratic opponent agrees to the same and adheres to the agreement. His opponent responded by criticizing his pledge on social media and sending two fundraising solicitations attacking him. Nevertheless, District Attorney Scarpino currently has no negative advertisements running against his opponent.

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