As a proud Democrat, I believe public safety and progressive values are not mutually exclusive. Fairness and equality are at the heart of the Democratic Party.

Why I'm Running

Dear Friend,

It’s been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as the Westchester County District Attorney. Now, as I seek re-election, I humbly ask for your vote in the Democratic Primary on June 23rd.

As a proud Democrat, I believe public safety and progressive values are not mutually exclusive and that justice depends on the tenets of fairness and equality which are at the heart of the Democratic Party. This is the vision I bring to the DA’s office and it’s the vision I’ll continue to implement when I’m re-elected.

The results of my tenure speak for themselves – a 20% reduction in violent crime, safer communities, and a dramatic shift away from practices that criminalize poverty and disproportionately impact people of color. Those accomplishments happened because my office is unabashedly progressive.

For instance, as DA, my office does not request bail for most nonviolent misdemeanors so individuals are not forced to needlessly await trial behind bars because they can’t afford bail. I set this policy well before the State’s landmark criminal justice reforms (which I supported), and it’s kept hundreds of nonviolent people charged with misdemeanors out of jail. I also stopped prosecuting the possession of small amounts of marijuana (up to two ounces) because these prosecutions have targeted communities of color for generations, leaving countless people with life-altering criminal records.

My office is on the front lines of the opioid crisis. Through a partnership with Westchester County and local law enforcement agencies, we’ve ensured more people addicted to opioids get the treatment they need in a healthcare setting, not a jail. I’ve also prosecuted corrupt government officials and founded a Conviction Review Unit to ensure justice and preserve public trust. And I’ve created a blue-ribbon School Safety Commission which helped districts across our County ensure safe and secure learning environments for children. I’m proud of this record and the example it sets for other prosecutors looking for progressive solutions to modern issues. But there is more we can do to build on what we’ve started and that’s why I’m running for reelection.

My decades of experience in law and justice inform every decision I make as DA. As a Special Agent in the FBI, I investigated civil rights, foreign counterintelligence and public corruption cases. I then served the people of Westchester on the bench, first as a City Court Judge, then as a County Court Judge, State Supreme Court Justice, and finally as Surrogate Judge, where I helped Westchester residents handle their most personal and sensitive family matters. Further, I am a proud Democrat, and have worked alongside District Leaders like you for years building our county party to where it is today.

My commitment to Westchester is deep. I grew up in Mt. Vernon, graduated from Mt. Vernon High School, raised my three now-grown daughters in both Mt. Vernon and North Castle and still live in North Castle with my wife, Leigh. This County has always been my home and it’s an honor to serve its people.

So, as we approach the election day on June 23rd, I hope my progressive record, proven experience and deep commitment to this County earn your vote for re-election as Westchester District Attorney. I invite you to e-mail me at for any reason.


Tony Scarpino
Westchester County District Attorney

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